• Profile machining centre SBZ 620
    SBZ 620
    Profile machining centre
SBZ 620
Profile machining centre

Profile machining centre SBZ 620

The expandable solution for maximum capacity.

The ultimate in customisation thanks to its modular design.

Modular, subsequent linking of an SBZ 610/03 profile machining centre with up to three SBZ 609 downstream centres for maximum performance 

  • Work sequence as needed, either from the left towards the right or the reverse
  • Patented profile transport system
  • Infeed with motorised, continuously adjustable gripper
  • Lifting function for gap-free loading of the feed magazine
  • Profiles are guided on rollers to ensure gentle treatment of the profile and protective film
  • Simultaneous reinforcement screw driving through external screw driving stations
  • Optimised length cutting with no processing waste
  • Internal gripper avoids damaging the profiles
  • Integrated measuring sensors for residual piece detection
  • Outfeed for parts via discharge tables
  • Industrial PCs with Windows operating system 

Technical specifications 

  • Feed magazine capacity, eleven profile bars
  • Profile bar lengths, 500 to 6,500 mm
  • Profile cross-sections up to 130 x 205 mm W x H
  • Part lengths 400 – 4,000 mm

Machining stations 

  • Capacity for up to 30 machining units
  • Drilling unit with gear unit delivers 1.2 kW
  • Pivoting reinforcement screwdriver unit

Sawing station 

  • Three large saw blades with a diameter of 550 mm
  • Three powerful saw motors delivering 4 kW each


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