• 4-head welding machine ES-VSM-20/19-C-S

4-head welding machine ES-VSM-20/19-C-S

  • Vertical four head welding machine
  • Three axis with precision timing systems for fast and accurate size positioning speeds
  • Ultra-compact with ergonomic centre position for loading and offloading
  • Boltless contour blocks for quick and easy changing
  • Pre-programmed individual settings for melt and cooling times to suit different profiles
  • Double-stack system (optional)
  • PC with Windows operating system

Technical specifications

  • Min. overall depth, 40 mm (clamping path, 85 mm)
  • Max. overall depth, 130 mm (clamping path, 85 mm)
  • Max. facing width 130 mm
  • Min. element size (clear inner dimension): 305 x 300 mm
  • Max. element size 2,000 x 1,900 mm